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Xie Saining Denies Being One of the Inventors of Sora: No Connection at All, They Worked 996 for a Year

Recently, an article titled "Shocking the World: One of the Inventors of Sora is a Genius Youngster Graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University - Xie Saining" has sparked heated discussions. The article talks about Xie Saining, a current assistant professor at New York University and a former member of the ACM class at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, being one of the inventors of Sora. The article received a large number of shares as soon as it was published.

However, just one day later, Xie Saining posted a clarification statement in his WeChat Moments, stating that he has no connection with Sora. Xie Saining mentioned that the related media fabricated stories and misled the facts by associating him with Sora without basis. He also emphasized that for a complex system like Sora, talent is the most important, followed by data and computing power, and there is nothing irreplaceable about the rest.

Moreover, some details revealed by Xie Saining are worth noting. He mentioned that Bill Peebles, a familiar Sora development team leader, said the team has been working almost without sleep and at high intensity for nearly a year. Bill Peebles joined OpenAI in March 2023, which is just under a year ago, indirectly refuting the previous rumors that "Sora had been developed a long time ago but just hadn't been released." (Phoenix Technology)

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Next they'll be telling us that the guy is also the secret architect behind the Great Wall and the mastermind behind inventing tea. Hahaha