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Voyager 1 successfully sends data back to Earth after 5-month communication issue

After months of troubleshooting, NASA engineers have successfully resolved a communication problem aboard Voyager 1, allowing the spacecraft to send decipherable data back to Earth. The issue was discovered to be caused by a memory chip malfunction, which was fixed by storing the affected code in different parts of the system's memory. This breakthrough has enabled the mission team to retrieve information about the health and status of Voyager 1's engineering systems, with plans to restore the ability to send science data in the coming weeks.

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Image credit: lace0182/Pixabay

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Neuralink's 1st Human Brain-Chip Implant Succeeds Despite Unexpected Thread Retraction

Neuralink, a company owned by Elon Musk, has implanted a brain-computer interface (BCI) chip in a human patient, Noland Arbaugh, for the first time. The implant, called the N1, has 64 hair-like threads that read and relay neural signals from the brain's motor cortex. Although the implant was successful in demonstrating its capabilities, including allowing Arbaugh to play chess and navigate a computer screen, a problem arose when some of the threads retracted from Arbaugh's brain, reducing the amount of data captured. The cause of the retraction is unknown, but one theory is that air was trapped inside Arbaugh's skull after surgery, a condition called pneumocephalus. Despite this issue, Neuralink was able to modify its algorithms to improve the device's performance. The company plans to implant two more patients in the coming months and aims to implant 10 people this year with its device.