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mRNA vaccines: let's eradicate herpes, cure cancer, and be sick a whole lot less
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Surya | High Agency

The power of audacity, ambition, and the ability to inspire others as key components for making a significant impact in the world, this is a concept referred to as "shape rotation." It argues that by breaking free from societal and internal constructs, individuals can envision and create a reality beyond conventional expectations. The importance of strategic agency allocation, the value of genuine respect, and the transformative potential of leading with hope and trust are highlighted. The narrative underscores that in the age of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), it's not just raw skill but boldness and the desire to genuinely create value for others that distinguishes impactful individuals. The piece concludes by reflecting on the author's personal journey and the realization that true fulfillment comes from making a lasting difference in people's lives, rather than pursuing material success.

How Many Americans Know Where North Korea Is? - YouTube

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