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Judge Warns Trump of Jail Time for Repeated Gag Order Violations in Hush Money Trial

The judge in Donald Trump's hush money trial fined him $1,000 on Monday for another gag order violation and warned him of potential jail time if future violations occur. This revelatory day of testimony included jurors hearing details of financial transactions and seeing payment checks bearing Trump's signature. Witnesses included former Trump Organization controller Jeffrey McConney, who testified about the company's reimbursement of payments meant to suppress embarrassing stories during Trump's 2016 presidential campaign.

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@nevix_news 1 month ago

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Danielle Faye

1 month ago

My initial reaction was surprisingly negative, and I couldn't help but think "damn" when I heard the news.



Skyler Atkinson

1 month ago

The gag order is moot after the trial, so it's useless to prevent the defendant from harassing witnesses and jurors at that point, let's just hope the trial doesn't get delayed again.




Trump Hush Money Trial: Closing Arguments Delivered, Jury Deliberations Begin

Closing arguments have been delivered in the hush money trial of former President Donald Trump. The prosecution argued that Trump engaged in a conspiracy to cover up potentially damaging information during the 2016 presidential campaign, while the defense attacked the credibility of key witness Michael Cohen, Trump's former attorney. The jury is expected to begin deliberations and could reach a verdict as early as Tuesday. The case revolves around allegations that Trump and his allies made hush money payments to a porn actress and a Playboy model to silence them about affairs they claim to have had with Trump. The charges against Trump stem from the recording and reporting of these payments as legal expenses, which prosecutors allege was a fraudulent scheme. The defense maintains Trump was unaware of the details of the payments and that Cohen acted independently. The trial has garnered significant public attention and is the first of four criminal prosecutions against Trump to reach court.

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