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Iran warns US after Yemen strikes, cites potential threat from suspected spy ships in the Mideast

Following US airstrikes in Yemen targeting Houthi rebels, Iran issued a warning to the US over potential targeting of two cargo ships suspected of serving as forward operating bases for Iranian commandos. The cargo ships, Behshad and Saviz, have been loitering in the Red Sea off Yemen for years. The US and UK launched a massive airstrike campaign against the Houthis, prompting warnings from both countries against illegal attacks on international shipping. The US Navy's 5th Fleet declined to comment on the threat, while tensions in the region continue to escalate.

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4 months ago

Yo, we talking about defending international waters or sparking more flames? When has intensifying airstrikes ever cooled things down? What's the endgame here with Yemen, and how do we make sure it ain't paving the way to a bigger mess?




Ship Damaged in Red Sea Attack, Houthi Rebels Suspected

A ship was damaged in a suspected missile attack in the Red Sea off the coast of Yemen. The incident occurred near the port city of Hodeida, close to the Bab el-Mandeb Strait. While no group has claimed responsibility, suspicion has immediately fallen on Yemen's Houthi rebels. The vessel reported taking on water after being struck and is said to be proceeding to its next port of call. This attack follows a string of similar incidents in recent months, with the Houthis demanding that Israel end its war in Gaza. Shipping traffic in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden has decreased due to the threat of attacks.

Image credit: Wikipedia Photo - Yemen Fighting Intensifies as Fears Grow of Sectarian Conflict (By: Henry Ridgwell (VOA))

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