How Do Bluesky's New DMs Work and What Can You Expect?

Bluesky Social has finally rolled out its much-anticipated direct messaging (DM) feature, giving users another compelling reason to consider switching from Twitter/X. But how do Bluesky's new DMs work, and what can you expect from this initial release? Let's dive into the details.

What Are Bluesky DMs?

Bluesky's DMs are private, one-on-one messages that you can send to other users on the platform. Announced in a blog post on May 23, 2024, this feature is currently limited to text and emoji, with plans to support images, videos, and group chats in future updates.

How to Use Bluesky DMs

To start using Bluesky DMs, simply follow these steps:

1. Open the Bluesky App: Ensure you have the latest version of the app installed. 2. Navigate to the DM Section: You can find this in the main menu. 3. Select a Contact: Choose a person you follow to start a conversation. 4. Send a Message: Type your text or select an emoji and hit send.

By default, only people you follow can send you DMs. However, you can adjust your settings to allow messages from everyone or restrict them entirely.

Privacy and Safety Features

Bluesky is committed to user safety and privacy. Here are some key features:

- End-to-End Encryption: While not available yet, Bluesky plans to introduce end-to-end encryption in future updates. - Moderation: In rare cases, Bluesky's moderation team may access your DMs to investigate issues like spam or harassment. This access is limited and tracked internally. - Reporting: You can report inappropriate DMs directly to Bluesky moderators, who will review the reported messages and surrounding context.

Customizable Settings

Bluesky offers several settings to help you manage your DM experience:

- Default Permissions: Only people you follow can DM you. - Custom Permissions: Change settings to allow messages from everyone or no one. - Blocking and Muting: Blocked accounts cannot DM you, while muted accounts can still send messages.

Future Updates

Bluesky is actively working on enhancing its DM feature. Upcoming updates will include:

- Image and Video Sharing: Soon, you'll be able to share multimedia content in your DMs. - Group Chats: The ability to create group conversations is on the horizon. - Improved Moderation Tools: Enhanced tools to better manage and report inappropriate content.

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Can't wait for group chat!



Sarah Toithousen

2 weeks ago

So Bluesky finally has DMs, but it took them longer to implement than it took Elon to ruin Twitter. At least they're not selling blue checks this time. 😂