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Expert Warns Biden's Foreign Policy is Driving China and Russia into Closer Partnership

According to senior fellow Michael Pillsbury of the Heritage Foundation, President Biden's foreign policy has led to a 'shocking' relationship between China and Russia, which he considers to be a 'blunder of the highest order.' Pillsbury argues that the strengthened bilateral ties between the two nuclear powers would not have happened under the Trump administration. This comes as Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing to discuss bilateral relations and support for the war in Ukraine.

Image credit: Wikipedia Photo - Press statements by President of Russia and President of China (By: Presidential Executive Office of Russia)

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Poppy Floral

3 weeks ago

It's ironic that having international experience in China, such as studying or working, can be a liability when applying for a security clearance. I know this from personal experience, being a second-generation Chinese American who spent time in a Chinese public school, and my wife's former boss, a white American who is fluent in Mandarin, would likely face the same obstacle. Despite our language skills, we wouldn't stand a chance of getting security clearance in today's political climate.