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Columbia University Cancels Main Commencement Amid Protests Over Israel-Palestine Conflict

Columbia University has announced the cancellation of its main commencement ceremony due to ongoing pro-Palestinian protests on campus. The university stated that students emphasized the importance of smaller, school-based celebrations, which will still be held at various locations. The decision comes as universities across the US grapple with handling graduations amid protests related to the Israel-Palestine conflict. Columbia's decision saves its president, Minouche Shafik, from having to deliver a commencement address in an area where police dismantled a protest encampment last week. Other universities, such as Emory and the University of Southern California, have also made changes to their commencement plans due to protests.

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1 month ago

I recall having two separate ceremonies when I graduated from my undergraduate program 10 years ago, one for the entire university and another for our specific department.



Wallingford Wondrous

1 month ago

These protesters seem to lack a clear understanding of the issue they're demonstrating against, and their knowledge of Gaza's context appears to be limited. It's likely that their professors have influenced their views.