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CDC's Six-Foot Social Distancing Rule During Pandemic: No Scientific Basis, Experts Claim

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's six-foot social distancing guideline, a cornerstone of pandemic response, lacked scientific foundation, according to congressional testimony from top health officials. Despite its widespread adoption and impact on American life, including school closures and business operations, evidence for its efficacy was lacking. Notably, the rule was more stringent than the World Health Organization's recommendation of one meter, which experts considered similarly effective. Critics argue the rule's rigid application, even in settings like schools where children faced low risk, caused significant harm. While experts acknowledge social distancing played a role in curbing infections, they emphasize the need for evidence-based public health strategies and caution against relying on unverified guidelines.

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1 week ago

I'm not saying I'm a rebel, but I've been quietly standing 5 feet 11 inches away from people for years, just waiting for the science to catch up.




1 week ago

Wow, I always wondered about this




CISA, DHS, FBI and International Partners Publish Guide for Protecting High-Risk Communities | CISA

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), along with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and international partners, has published a guide to help civil society organizations and individuals protect themselves from cyber threats, particularly from state-sponsored actors. The guide, "Mitigating Cyber Threats with Limited Resources: Guidance for Civil Society," provides recommended actions and mitigations to reduce the risk of cyber intrusions, including:

* Implementing phishing-resistant multifactor authentication (MFA) * Using caution when sharing information on social media * Prioritizing vendors that align with Secure by Design principles * Ensuring awareness of social engineering tactics

The guide also encourages software manufacturers to implement Secure by Design practices to help protect vulnerable and high-risk communities. The publication is part of a broader effort to raise awareness about cyber threats and provide resources to help organizations and individuals defend themselves against malicious state-sponsored actors.