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Boeing's Starliner Finally Launches Astronauts to International Space Station After Years of Delays

Boeing's Starliner spacecraft successfully launched two NASA astronauts into orbit on June 5, marking a significant milestone for the company's troubled program. This was the first crewed flight for Starliner, which has faced numerous delays and setbacks since its inception. The launch comes after SpaceX successfully launched its first crewed mission in 2020, and now Boeing joins SpaceX as the second private company to transport humans to the International Space Station for NASA. The astronauts will spend about a week on the space station conducting experiments and testing Starliner's systems. The successful flight could help Boeing gain NASA's certification for regular crewed missions, providing the space agency with a backup option for astronaut transportation. However, the launch comes at a time when Boeing faces scrutiny over safety issues with its commercial airline division, making the success of Starliner even more critical for the company's reputation.

Image credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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1 week ago

It's good to see Boeing finally getting their act together after all the delays. Let's hope they don't forget to bring the astronauts back down this time! 😜



Bodle Town Citizen

1 week ago

It's finally here!