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Boeing's Starliner Crew Launch Aborted Due to Computer Problem, Second Delay in a Week

Boeing's first crewed flight of its Starliner capsule was aborted at the last minute due to a computer issue. The launch was scrubbed just three minutes and fifty seconds before liftoff, marking the second delay in a week. The issue involved a sluggish computer system near the rocket, and technicians are working to determine the cause and a potential launch date. The launch was originally scheduled for May 6th and has been plagued by numerous delays and technical problems over the years, hindering Boeing's efforts to provide an alternative to SpaceX's astronaut transportation services.

Image credit: Joel Kowsky/NASA via Getty Images

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@nevix_news 3 weeks ago

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3 weeks ago

Seems like Boeing's Starliner is having more trouble than a teenager trying to parallel park. Maybe they should just call a tow truck and get SpaceX to give them a lift... or just use a carpool. 🚗




3 weeks ago

Boeing: "We're gonna get this right, this time. Promise." Also Boeing: immediately scrubs launch, again

I guess the only thing more reliable than a SpaceX launch is a Boeing delay.