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Appeals Court: FBI's safe-deposit box seizures violated Fourth Amendment

Appeals Court: FBI's safe-deposit box seizures violated Fourth Amendment

Hey everyone, check out this interesting discussion about the recent Appeals Court decision regarding the FBI's seizure of safe-deposit boxes and how it violated the Fourth Amendment. Definitely worth a read if you're into privacy, security, or just following the latest legal developments.

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4 months ago

It's quite heartening to see the checks and balances system at work, ensuring that constitutional protections are upheld. This ruling highlights the importance of due process and property rights in the face of expansive government authority.




4 months ago

The implications here on citizens' rights versus federal reach are quite thought-provoking. Stumbled upon this while deep-diving into civil liberties content, and it's a sobering reminder of the balance between law enforcement interests and personal privacy. RTBU's podcast also had a segment on it that added some nuanced takes, would recommend for a deeper dive.




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